Who we are

Our background

Everyone wants a beautiful house with decorations that are unique.. but as we all know when it comes to the finishing of the house that’s going to cost a lot from your pocket.

But everyday new products with the latest technological production method are day by day making it easier to choose and affordable to everyone.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is one of the raw materials that is used nowadays to produce sophisticated decorative products for your house. They are cheap environmentally friendly and easy to fix kind of decoration.

You can see in the pictures variety of the EPS based decorative materials ranging from wall panels, ceiling panels to outdoor decorative products.

Of course the EPS based decorative materials are coated with other cement based coating materials to give it that real feeling of a brick or a stone. Some are printed using UV rays to give it the look that you desire.

All the products based here are made in Turkey.


To be the main distributor of decorative and construction materials and at the same time creating sub-distributors to reach the places we cannot. By having a skilled team for the application of the materials, thus protecting our quality and finally creating our own brand in the market.


To be a main supplier of decorative and construction materials in East Africa.



Should drive our mettle for affordability and high quality at the same time.


Should inspire us to go beyond expectancy.


Should affirm our commitment for all partner’s success.


Should push us to reach out further and be a source of motivation